Digging Deeper into Philippians

Church Series TCC Fall 2016 XWide for Web

Philippians is an incredible letter written by Paul to the church at Philippi. It has everything a screen writer would love. A former bad guy turned hero, hardship, imprisonment, loyalty, conflict and an ending that continues to show the love between the writer and the recipient. Understanding the background and setting of Philippians will make the letter come alive! Dig deep, read through the text weekly and explore the links below as God continues to reveal His amazing plan of redemption for the world.

Every week we will post a more in-depth study of the passages from our Sunday's message. This will help those who want to dig deeper and learn more about the Bible which is one of God's most beautiful gift to us! 

Click here to see the resources for the Intro to Philippians as well as verse-by-verse commentary on 1:1-11.