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     Melissa Kassebaum, Molly Boulter, Lisa Montoya, Taylor Pressuti and Tara Sikes flew to Costa Rica with Spencer Boulter Thursday, August 30th.They arrived in San Jose and after dropping 12 suitcases full of donated clothes off at the team house, headed straight to the ranch. Every time a TCC group visits the ranch, it has grown! They got a tour of the ranch, the new buildings, and learned more about where Josh and Alli are in their adoption process.

 Ladies Trip2


     They spent Friday at El Pozo in Horquetas teaching English to the kids there and learning some Spanish in the process. After the lesson, they played with the kids and then took some of the children to swim in the river and got to watch a family of monkeys! One of the things the ladies wanted to do while they were there was to love on the female missionaries who are living there. They brought Alli a gift basket with things you can only get in the states and took Alli, Alli’s grandma, and Alayna to dinner at the resort next door.


      Saturday morning, they left the ranch and headed back to the team house. They set up shop with all of the donated clothes next door to the team house. Thank you to everyone who donated! After closing up shop, they went to the feeding center in Verbena, where they had a lesson and worship service and fed the kids hot dogs!


      Sunday, they went to church in Alajuelita, opened up shop again for a bit, and had a free afternoon before flying home Monday morning.


 “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

 Prayers are requested for the McArthur’s adoption process, El Pozo, the feeding center in Verbana, as well as the new homeless feeding center in Alajuelita and the adult English lessons Spencer is leading.


--Tara Sikes