TCC will be having a Digital Zoom Gathering this Sunday at 10:30am. If you would like to join the Digital Zoom Gathering contact us at

Meeting Places

Meeting Places

Fruit Cove Middle School: We have partnered with Fruit Cove Middle School for several years now. They provide us with their theatre and sound system, gym, cafeteria, and storage rooms every Sunday for us to easily set-up for worship. 

HQ: Whenever God blesses us with something we want to use it in ways that will greatly bless others. We went 5 years without a permanant building. But towards the end of 2016 God opened the doors for us to rent the space that has became our Head Quarters!

We in turn begin to BLESS OTHERS. We use the space, but so do 2 other churches that are right next to us. We give this space up for low cost just so we can bless them.

We also want to BLESS YOU! Our HQ is open for you to use for buisness gatherings, birthday parties or family get togethers. 

Email Jennifer at to schedule the HQ.