We are still Gathering at Fruit Cove Middle School at 10:30am. In an effort to respect the needs of at-risk populations, we will continue to Zoom and stream live on YouTube. We encourage each individual/family to make the best risk-based decision specific to your situation and we will continue to offer as many options as possible all for the glory of God!


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christmas SPIRIT

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christmas SPIRIT

What gets you in the Christmas spirit? Driving to see lights and decorations? Christmas movies? Christmas Parties? We love when it feels festive. But there’s a different kind of “spirit” we are talking about in this Christmas series. It is easy to think of Christmas as an annual celebration of a past event when God came to be with us in Jesus’ birth. And it is that for sure. But God is also with us now in the Holy Spirit. This Christmas series is aimed at helping us all know and experience that God is really with us, right here and now, fully present in the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is the most neglected and misunderstood aspects of God But the Holy Spirit is vital to being a follower of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is to a Christian as air is to every creature that breathes. The hope of this series is that you will know and love the Holy Spirit more, and experience God with you daily.

December 21, 2014

christmas SPIRIT (pt 3): Holy Spirit or Mexican Food?

Pastor: Series: christmas SPIRIT Topic: Messages Passage: John 16:1–16:15

December 14, 2014

christmas SPIRIT (pt 2): How does the Helper help?

Pastor: Series: christmas SPIRIT Topic: Messages Passage: John 15:26–25:27

December 7, 2014

christmas SPIRIT (pt 1): Father, Son, and Holy 'Who'?

Pastor: Series: christmas SPIRIT Topic: Messages Passage: John 14:16–14:29