New Here?

Who Are We?
We want to share who we are as a church family and what we’re passionate about at The Crossing Church. If you have any other questions, please email us here.

When you are looking for a church it would be so helpful to know who the people are and what’s important to them so you can decide which churches to visit based on how they line up with who you are. This page will hopefully be just that for you! Our goal is to explain who we are and what we’re passionate about before you even walk through the door. This website was designed with you in mind and we hope all of your questions are answered. If we left anything out, please don’t hesitate to email us at  

How would we describe our church to a first time guest? What is important to us? What are we as a church trying to accomplish? The “BIG 3” answers all of those questions!

The BIG 3 are the focus and goals that make us who we are as church, and who we want to be going forward. Here they are in an easy to remember sentence:
"We want to make much of Jesus by living generously and loving others the way that Jesus loves us."

God desires for all people who come to faith to grow into a mature Christian (Hebrews). First things first, you must have a proper biblical understanding of what that means.  In John 13:33 &  34 Jesus tell His disciples that they are to simply go out and love the same we He loved them. In doing this the world would know that they are His people. 

Our goal as a church is to encourage each other into maturity i.e. learning how to love people more like Jesus. To accomplish this we use the BIG 3 a a guide. Take a look below…  

To be fair… we also want to make much of the Father and the Holy Spirit, but that doesn't flow too well. 

a. What does it mean to be a person who Makes Much of Jesus?  
- You desire to make the name of Jesus famous and not your own. 
- You work to build God’s kingdom and not your own. 
- Your life is focused on God receiving the glory. 

b. How Does TCC Leadership Help With This? or How does TCC help you do this?
- Before you can love like Jesus, you have to know how Jesus loved. We offer a variety of training to help you understand the depths of God’s love. 

1. Small Groups - these groups meet on a regular basis to discuss the sermons, pray for one another and create community.

2. Doctrines Class - this class is offered year-round on topics that are important to what we believe.  We meet Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. and you are welcome to visit or join at any point.  

3. The “Basics” Class - this class is a four-week series that offers an overview of Creation, the Fall, Redemption and Living out the Gospel.  It’s offered a few times a year and is great for someone new to Christianity, or those who have questions, or those who may not have ever gotten the whole picture.

4. Mentoring with another - we connect people in our church who are struggling with infertility, marriage, raising children and more.

5. Opportunities to serve to help identify where God has gifted you. Every one of us has unique God-given gifts and talents. We want to get you plugged in so that you can serve and be served.

a. What does it mean for a person to LIVE GENEROUSLY? 
- Being mindful of those God has placed around you. 
- Using your gifts and resources for the good of others in all humility
- Viewing everything you have and all that you are as gifts to be used to bless others. 

b. How Does TCC Leadership Help With This? or How can we live generously?

Opportunities to Give Financially:
1. 6:8 Ministries
2. Local Ministries (Ainsley’s Angels, BEAM, etc.) 
3. Monthly Mission Projects (Homeless Bags, Backpack drive, etc.) 
4. Giving to TCC to continue to provide a place of grace, love and mercy for all. 

Opportunities to Give Sacrificially 
1. Areas to serve with your time. 
2. Opening up your homes for youth weekends and small group. 

a. What does it mean to be a person that Loves People Well?  
- You are OTHERS focused: treating everyone as more significant than yourself.  
- Loving others and not expecting anything in return. 
- You don’t set out to change the world today, rather, daily set out to change one person’s world. 

b. How Does TCC Leadership Help With This? or How do we model this?
- Our Leaders modeling this type of life. 
- Opportunities to serve the church and beyond. 
- Serving on a Team (set up, production, children’s ministry, to name a few!)
- Participating in acts of love through organizations that our church family is already involved in, like Ainsley’s Angels and BEAM. 
- Serving in Costa Rica with 6:8 Ministries, our longtime ministry partner

Leadership & TCC Teams
Our church is made up of 12 teams that focus on leading our church to be the church we desire to be... aka the BIG 3 

Making Much of Jesus | Loving Like Jesus | Living Generously

Below you'll see the 12 teams listed in alphabetical order. The Team Captain is similar to a Deacon/Deaconess found in scripture. They are the boots on the ground leader that schedules, prepares and loves their team well. 

The Elders are there to oversee the team, to help when needed, and to provide care/counsel to the families on the team. Please let us know if you have any questions ( 

List of Teams / Leaders 

Care Team
The Care Team ensures all people at TCC feel loved no matter what their current life circumstances may be. They seek to help others love and feel loved as we all walk out Romans 12 - specifically to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.
Team Captain - Jennifer Crandall 
Elder - Rob Christy 

Creating Community / Events
Our Creating Community / Events team has 2 areas of emphasis:

First, to help others at TCC connect with other one through fun events and connection events. And secondly, to organize all of our events that we host for the community 
Team Captain - Shay Paulson
Elder - Jonathan Kassebaum 

Crossing Kids Elementary 
We love K-5th Graders, and we want elementary age kids to love Sundays at The Crossing! Imagine your kids begging you to go to church. How great would that be?! We get that. We’re there with you. We have kids and understand you want a safe, loving, dynamic environment for your kids to grow spiritually. You’ll find it here. Our nursery, preschool, and elementary environments are designed for kids to have a blast and learn a ton about a growing relationship with Jesus.
Team Captains - Shawn & Mindy Lenahan & Melissa Kassebaum 
Elder - Joey Presutti 

Crossing Kids Preschool
We have kids and understand you want a safe, loving, dynamic environment for your kids to grow spiritually. Our nursery and preschool environments are designed for kids to have a blast and learn a ton about a growing relationship with Jesus.
Team Captains - Kalie Brewster & Lisa Montoya 
Elder - Collin Brewster 

Host Team
Our Host Team is on the frontline, welcoming everyone on Sunday morning. They check in kids, help with parking, hand out bulletins and help guests navigate their first Sundays at TCC. 
Team Captains - Paul & Jen Hofrichter 
Elder - Joe Dethloff 

Missions - Global 
There are a TON if great mission agencies who are doing a lot of great work. We decided to choose one and pour in all of our resources there, instead of spreading it around and not making a big impact. TCC sends money and people to 6:8 Ministries as they love the people of Costa Rica well 
Team Captains - Vacant 
Elder - Spencer Boulter 

Missions - Local 
Our Local Missions team helps to love the people that God has placed around us. We help buy running wheel chairs for families with severely disabled children, laptops for families with autistic children and various other projects throughout the year. 
Team Captains - Kim Smith 
Elder - Rob Christy 

Prayer Team 
We believe in the power of prayer! Thus, we meet two or three times a month to pray for the people of TCC and our community. The team meets at our HQ. Email us at to join or submit a prayer request. 
Team Captains - Brie Blaylock  
Elder - Rob Christy 

Set Up & Teardown 
Our Setup & Teardown  team may be behind the scenes, but they are crucial in helping us to provide fun, effective and safe environments for adults and kids to meet on Sundays. They arrive early and leave late every Sunday as they generously serve those at TCC. 
Team Captains - Robert Strickler 
Elder - Rob Christy 

Small Groups 
Groups meet throughout the area in people's homes at different times.  Groups usually have 8-12 people that meet to talk about Jesus, care for one another, pray together, eat well, and have fun sharing life. We would love to have you jump in and connect to others. You do not have to be a Christian or a part of The Crossing to be in a small group.  
Team Captains - Joey & Taylor Presutti 
Elder - Joey Presutti 

Student Ministry 
We love middle school and high school students! We are passionate about reaching out to and walking alongside students through some of the most pivotal years in life. If you have questions, want to get involved in a small group, or get plugged in serving, email
Team Captains - BJ & Kelley Meadows (Middle School) / Vacant (High School) 
Elder - Jonathan Kassebaum 

Worship Production
Our Worship Production team helps provide Sunday services that help make much of Jesus and present the gospel without distractions. They make up our band, the slide changer and those who run sound. 
Team Captains - Brian Smith 
Elder - Eddy/Rob 

Sundays - What to Expect as a Guest  
A step-by-step guide for what you and your family will experience on your first visit

Step 1: Driving in
As you approach Fruit Cove Middle you’ll want to turn in at ____________. This is the road in-between Fruit Cove Middle and the football fields. Please park in our guest parking spots at the front of the building. You’ll have signs pointing you in the right direction, or feel free to ask our parking lot attendant you’ll see when you enter the property.  

Step 2: Walking Up
The first person you’ll see on the corner welcoming people will be one of our Elders. They’d love to meet you so be sure to introduce yourself. Here’s pics and bios of our Elders so you can put a name to a face before you even arrive. Our Elder will connect you with our Guest Ambassador who will walk you through the check-in process and show your around the building. 

* For our Introvert First Time Guests - Our Pastor has a heart for you because he’s an introvert as well! Feel free to do whatever makes you feel comfortable. You can slip in the front door and slip in to the service, if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Step 3: Entering the Building  
Walk in our front door and register your kids at our Kid's Check-In desk (you can't miss it). Each family will receive a check-in tag that identifies parents and kids.

Step 4: Finding Our Kid’s Ministry 
We start K-5 in the service with the adults, so just head in to the auditorium to our our Crossing Kids section where you’ll find our Crossing Kids leaders excited to welcome them. 

Step 5: 
After the first couple of songs, kids are dismissed to Crossing Kids. Our leaders are in charge of getting everyone where they need to be, so you don't have to worry about anything for the rest of the service. After we're done in the auditorium, pick up your kids in our gymnasium which is located through the back doors of the auditorium. Be sure to bring your check-in tag to check them out. And also look at their take home card which will let you know everything they learned and help you discuss those truths throughout your week!  

Sunday Services & Messages
What are the Sunday Services Like? Our services typically last about 1 hour and 15 minutes. We typically have four songs and a 35 minute message. 

What are the Message Like at TCC? 
No guilt allowed! We believe that understanding the unending grace of God and the boundless love He has for us is what prompts us to mature in Him. 

Our messages are full of grace, challenging and straightforward to understand. We try our best to not only preach to the unbeliever but also encourage other Christians to grow ore in their faith with every message. 

Who Preaches on Sundays? 
Typically our Lead Pastor will preach the majority of the time. However, you will see other Elders teach at least once a month. Click HERE to listen to some of our past sermons. 

Join a Small Group 
What are small groups? Groups meet throughout the area in people's homes at different times during the week.  Groups usually have 8-12 people that meet to talk about Jesus, care for one another, pray together, eat well, and have fun sharing life. We would love to have you jump in and connect to others. You do not have to be a Christian or a part of The Crossing to be in a small group.  

What kinds of groups are there? 
We have groups for men, ladies, couples, singles, empty-nesters, and more.

How do I get in a small group? 
There are a couple ways: 

You can join a new group as it forms.  

You may also let us know you want to join an existing group, and we will help you find a great one.  For information about jumping into a group, email Joey at 

Why are small groups such a big deal at The Crossing Church? 

Gathering together in a large group for worship is central to who we are as a church. But being in a smaller group with people that you know, trust, can laugh with, and depend on over time is one of the best ways to grow. Even though we live in neighborhoods close to one another, it can be easy to go through life with few to no meaningful relationships. It wasn’t meant to be that way, and it doesn’t have to be that way. That is why our strategy for building community, relationships, and growing in faith is through small groups. It is the environment where you can be known and cared for. It allows us to continue to grow as a church without losing the best parts of true community.

Join a Team / Serve In The Church
One of the greatest ways God will grow you is when he uses you. God has given each of us gifts that he wants to use as part of a big plan and great purpose. We want to help you discover those gifts and find a way to put them into action. The primary place God has called us to use our gifts is in the church. 

As a new church, you have the opportunity to make a huge impact by serving through The Crossing Church in areas like CrossingKids, guest services, setup/ tear down, administration, worship production, and more.

Words you will hear often
Ainsleys Angels / BEAM / 6:8 Ministries / Open handed vs. Close Handed / TCC - Simply an abbreviation of The Crossing Church / Monthly Mission Projects / Missions & Movies / Big Egg Event / Christmas Eve Eve