Partnership (Membership)

Partnership (Membership)

What is Partnership? 

What we call "partnership", is often called "membership".  We don't call it this to just be confusing or to be different for the sake of being different.  We call it partnership because members have privileges, but partners have ownership and responsibility.  We believe that the biblical picture of joining a church is much more partnership, than membership.  

The partnership process is meant to be a blend of building relationships, having great conversations about the church, and ensuring every partner is well connected.  We have at least 2 Partnership gatherings a year (spring and fall). Don't think buisness meeting! These gatherings are exciting nights we share a meal with one another, worship, pray, and talk through where we are as a church.  

How Do I Become a Partner? 

1. Email that you're interested in becoming a Tcc Partner. 

2. Read through the partnership documents (who we are and what we believe). 

3. Attend a Partnership gathering! That's it. We'd love to have you as an official partner of TCC!