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"During our trip to Costa Rica, we had several opportunities to show God's love to the children and adults there. We spent half of our time at the Living Waters Children Ranch where we helped build a fence, and played with the kids at El Pozo (The Well), which is a community center for children of all ages. We put on a noche de película (movie night) with a hot dog dinner for all the children attending.The second half of the trip was spent at the city house. There we visited the markets, the poorest places in Alajuelita, and spent much of our time praying for the families. We also spent time in worship and prayer.

However, not all of our trip was 100% devoted to the children. We had one "free day" where we could go ziplining, watch crazy people feed wild crocodiles with their bare hands or hang out in hot springs and cold springs.

Costa Rica is an amazing place to feel God's presence, as I and so many others did. It is a great chance to hang out with friends and help and encourage the children, adults, homeless, and hopeless living there." - Kylie Kassebaum