Join us sundays at 10:30AM

We love babies & preschoolers! We believe that kids should want to come to church! Imagine if your kids were begging to go to church! How great would that be? We get that. We’re there with you. We have kids and understand you want a safe, loving, dynamic environment for your kids to grow spiritually. You’ll find it here! Our nursery and preschool environments are designed for kids to have a blast and learn a ton about have a relationship with Jesus.

Our strategy is simple and consistent. From birth all the way up, everything is based around highly relational small groups. We don’t do Sunday School classrooms. We group kids together in small groups with leaders who will love and care for them and who will be committed to your family for the long haul.

CrossingKids meets during worship on Sundays to provide them with the most relevant environments and you the peace to worship without distraction. We use reThink’s First Look small group materials in CrossingKids.  We want your child to be safe, loved, and well-cared for so that you can enjoy the service worry-free! We have small groups for “Babies & Crawlers”, “Ones & Twos”, and “Threes & Fours”.

Each Sunday, doors open for CrossingKids 15 minutes before the service for check-in. Parents sign in children, get a security tag, and then check them into their small group areas to meet up with their leader and friends. After some fun introductory activities, we have a snack, and then activities and play time that center around the morning’s Bible story and big idea.

Our vision is for babies-preschoolers to meet in groups that are broken down by age. Their group leaders will care for them, play with them, and lead them in learning three basic truths:
“God made me”
“God loves me”
“Jesus wants to be my best friend forever”

We don’t just want church to be a place, but a partnership. We know that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. The average church spends about 40 hours per year with a child. But you get that with your kids in one weekend!

So we want to leverage everything we are as the church to partner with and support you to lead your child into a relationship with Jesus.

Each Sunday we give out Small Talk Cards. This is a great resource to help you know what your kids did on Sunday morning and keep the conversation going all week long.

We screen and train all of our leaders that work with children to provide the highest care.