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What are Small Groups? 

They are groups of people from TCC that meet in various homes throughout the area at different times during the week. They usually range in size from 6-12 people and provide space for authentic Christ-centered relationships.  This is where we believe real ministry happens - when we walk through life with one another, caring for each other, encouraging each other, and reminding each other of the Gospel. We read the Bible, we pray, we eat, we share life together.

Small Groups aren't described in the Bible and they certainly aren't commanded, so why do them?

We see the Small Groups as little churches. This helps us apply the objectives and directions of the church as a whole to the Small Groups themselves.  This helps us establish two fundamentally important objectives of the Small Groups.

1. Hospitality. Small Groups should be hospitable. This is why we do them in homes primarily. We want to open up our lives, be authentic, and be welcoming. We want people who are joining the group to feel comfortable and not feel like an outsider. We believe this is the foundation for relationships and the prerequisite for making disciples of Christ.

2. Maturity. Small Groups aim to mature each other. This maturity happens in knowing the Gospel and applying it to the circumstances of our lives. It's easy for us to provide Biblical truths to others, but much harder for us to speak the same truths to ourselves. In these Small Groups we desire to build relationships deep enough that we can speak the truth in love.

Often these two goals are in conflict with each other and so we strive to launch new small groups often and we encourage the building up of leaders within the groups that are capable of launching these new ones! 

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