Elementary Kids. Elementary kids are some of the most fun to be around, but they are also the hardest to settle into a new church.  That's why we work hard to bring biblically engaging teaching, videos, and activities to your children. We want them to enjoy coming to church and we know that if they enjoy makes everyone's life easier! 

3 Truths. Each month the kids are taught a biblical theme and it is reinforced each week with the "Bottom Line." This is what you are going to want to ask them on the way home! Each month they will memorize a bible verse and learn how to apply that to their lives. The three truths that they are taught:
“I need to make the right choice"
“I can trust God no matter what"
“I should treat others the way I want to be treated”

CrossingKids will get checked in then go straight to worship service so that they can sing and worship with the rest of the church. They can sit with you or down in the front right with the rest of the kids. After worship, they will be dismissed and our leaders will escort them back to the gym where they will get their own bible lesson.

We don’t just want church to be a place, but a partnership. We know that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. The average church spends about 40 hours per year with a child. But you get that with your kids in one weekend! So we want to leverage everything we are as the church to partner with and support you to lead your child into a relationship with Jesus.

Each Sunday we give out God Time Cards. This is a great resource to help you know what your kids did on Sunday morning and keep the conversation going all week long.

We screen and train all of our leaders that work with children to provide the highest care!

Each summer we run an Adventure Camp. This is our version of VBS and is geared primarily toward kids learning the Gospel, but also tackles how the Gospel should overflow into their young lives.  Check out our Adventure Camp Page to see what happened this year!

If you'd like to pre-register your children to save time in the morning, please fill out the form below!