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9 June - Luke 2:22-40

  • What important part were Joseph and Mary playing in Jesus’s life

  • (Verse 2:25) What is the consolation of Israel?

  • (Verse 2:26) How did the Holy Spirit reveal these things to Simeon?

  • (Verse 2:32) How is Jesus Christ a light of revelation to Gentiles?

  • (Verse 2:32) How is Jesus Christ glory to Israel?

  • (Verse 2:34-35) Why did God address Mary’s future hurt?

  • (Verse 2:34-35) What reveals the thoughts from many hearts?

 2 June - Luke 1:57-80

  • Verse 1:63-64) Why did Zechariah get his speech back after writing John’s name? Elizabeth already knew his decision by declaring John as the child’s name.

  • In Zechariah’s prophecy what did John fulfill?

  • In Zechariah’s prophecy what did Jesus fulfill?

  • In Zechariah’s prophecy what did not get fulfilled?

  • (Verse 1:80) Why did John live in the wilderness and not become a priest like his father?


26 May - Luke 1:5-25

  • Since both were righteous before God and walked blameless in obedience, why did they suffer reproach for being childless? (Verse 6)

  • What good news did Gabriel have for Elizabeth and John? (Verse 13 and 25)

  • Who is it John will go before? (Verse 17)

  • What is the spirit and power of Elijah? (Verse 17)

  • Why is it required that John come first and prepare the people for the Lord? (Verse 17 and John 1: 8-9)