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"The Signs of Jesus in the Gospel of John"

Week 1 - 8.14.22
Sunday: John 1:1-18
Weekly Study: John 1:19-34
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What does it mean to make straight the way of the Lord? Are we involved in this command?

What is the difference between John’s baptism and Jesus’ baptism? What have you been baptized with?

What is the significance of the title, Lamb of God?

If the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus, does that mean He didn’t have the Holy Spirit before?

John declares that Jesus is the Son of God, how did he come to this conclusion?


Week 2 - 8.21.22
Sunday: John 1:35-51
Weekly Study: John 2:1-11
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Jesus was waiting to become ‘public’, why do you think that is?

What does that tell us about Jesus?

Jesus’ relationship with Mary is revealed here, she knew His nature and told Him what to do, why?

Why do you think this was the first miracle instead of healing a sick person?

What does it mean to have his glory manifested?


Week 3 - 8.28.22
Sunday: John 2:12-25
Weekly Study: John 3:1-15
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What signs was Nicodemus referring to?

Just the water into wine? Were there other signs do you think?

Jesus says that being saved is like being born again, a new birth, one of the Spirit – does it feel that way to you?

What is Jesus implying when he says the wind blows where it wishes?

What is the story about Moses lifting up the servant? How is this an example of Jesus crucifixion?


Week 4 - 9.4.22
Sunday: John 3:16-21
Weekly Study: John 3:22-4:3
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Why was John still baptizing after Jesus came?

What is the implication that Jesus did not do the baptizing? Why was this specifically addressed?

What do you think the “debate about purification” could have been? Was there a difference between Jesus and John?


Week 5 - 9.11.22
Sunday: John 4:4-42
Weekly Study: John 4:43-5:9
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What does Jesus mean by Signs and Wonders? Do we have this same aberrant desire?

It says the m ‘believed’ Jesus and went to go check on his son, but then after his son is healed it says that the man ‘believed’ Jesus – is there a difference between his belief before and after his son was healed?

What does this reveal about Jesus’ power?

This was a very private miracle, why would this be recorded and why would Jesus do it this way?

Why didn’t Jesus heal every invalid? There doesn’t seem to be a profession of faith here, is this significant?


Week 6 - 9.18.22
Sunday: John 5:10-18
Weekly Study: John 5:19-29
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The trinity is difficult to understand, but here are Jesus’ words – how do they help us understand?

What does it mean that Jesus only does what he sees his Father doing?

What does it mean that the Father has given all judgement to the Son?

Should we believe in Jesus or in the Father who sent him? Is there a difference?

The dead will raise from the tombs – where were they before this? How does this all work?


Week 7 - 9.25.22
Sunday: John 5:30-47
Weekly Study: John 6:1-21
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Jesus fed 5,000 people – do you think all those people became followers? Why Not? John 6:66 read ahead.

This miracle also sounds very peculiar, why feed a bunch of people?

Why was this the miracle that caused people to want to make him King?

What defines a miracle? Jesus defied the law of gravity and distorted time – these are BIG miracles!


Week 8 - 10.2.22
Sunday: John 6:22-71
Weekly Study: John 7:1-36
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Did Jesus lie to his brothers here?

If our will is to do God’s will – then we will understand the words of Jesus? Is it that simple?

Why was their judgement so far off? Do we do this same thing?

How was Jesus able to speak in this manner without being arrested or killed?

How do these details about the Father and the Son help us understand the trinity?

Why this enigmatic – ‘you will not find me’ statement by Jesus?


Week 9 - 10.9.22
Sunday: John 7:37-52
Weekly Study: John 8:1-11
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Jesus seems to indicate that we cannot judge sin if we personally sin…is that true?

What did he write on the ground? The older left first, does this give us some indication?

Is there a difference between condemnation and judgement?

Jesus still wanted her to stop sinning, but it wasn’t really the focus of this encounter…what was?


Week 10 - 10.16.22
Sunday: John 8:12-30
Weekly Study: John 8:31-47
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Israel had most definitely been enslaved, so what do they mean by this in verse 33?

What does it mean to ‘practice’ sin and to be a slave to sin?

Is it sometimes difficult to hear God’s word (verse 43)?

Jesus contrasts truth and lies, are we lovers of truth – even when it is difficult?


Week 11 - 10.23.22
Sunday: John 8:48-59
Weekly Study: John 9:1-41
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Is generational sin something that we should be concerned about?

Is it comforting or discouraging to know that our ailments and problems may be to show God’s glory?

Why spit, why did Jesus choose to do it this way when he could have just spoken to heal?

Did Jesus intentionally keep healing people on the Sabbath or was this a coincidence?

Verse 33 says that this power only comes from God, but can’t Satan do similar type things?

Was this man a believer before he was healed or after?

The Pharisees were guilty because they said they could see – how does this apply to us?


Week 12 - 10.30.22
Sunday: John 10:1-30
Weekly Study: John 10:31-42
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Is there any doubt that Jesus was calling himself God by these verses?

Is Jesus minimizing his Sonship by quoting Psalm 82:6 in verse 34?

Jesus tells us to believe his works, even if we don’t believe his words – is that something we could/should say now?


Week 13 - 11.6.22
Sunday: John 11:1-57
Weekly Study: John 12:1-12
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How do we apply “the poor you always have with you, but you do not always have me?”

In what ways do we sacrificially worship Jesus?

In what ways do we unabashedly worship Jesus?

Is this something we should try to do more? What holds us back?


"The Glory of Jesus in the Gospel of John"

Week 14 - 11.13.22
Sunday: John 12:12-50</br />Weekly Study: John 13:1-17
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Why does John specify that the devil had already invaded Judas’ heart?

Verse 3 – Why this interlude about Jesus knowing his past and future? Could this apply in our lives?

Jesus models Servant Leadership here – do we have opportunities to do the same? Have we seen this modeled before?

Jesus declares that Him prophesying his own death will create belief in verse 19, does it for us?


Week 15 - 11.20.22
Sunday: John 13:18-38
Weekly Study: John 14:1-31
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Is there a difference in believing in God and believing in Jesus?

What does it mean for Jesus to connect these two ‘beliefs’?

Seeing Jesus is seeing the Father…in what ways does Jesus show us the Father? Why is this important?

Is Jesus saying that we will do greater works than he did? How is that possible?

If we really ask anything in Jesus’ name will we get it? How do we apply this faithfully?

God manifests Himself to believers and not to the world – what does this mean for our lives?

How valuable is peace to us?


Week 16 - 11.27.22
Sunday: John 15:1-17
Weekly Study: John 15:18-16:15
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Does the world really hate Jesus?

What is hate? Does the world hate us?

What does it look like to expect to be hated vs. seeking to be hated?

Why does the world hate the things of God?

The Holy Spirit in us is better than Jesus being near us…is that true? Why?


Week 17 - 12.4.22
Sunday: John 16:16-33
Weekly Study: John 17:1-26
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What does this prayer tell us about Jesus’ relationship with the Father?

What does it mean that Jesus has guarded us? What does this mean about our relationship with God?

We are sent into the world just as Jesus was sent into the world – do we feel this way, live this way?

What is the purpose of our unity and our glory (verse 23)?

What is Jesus’ desire for us (verse 24)?


"The Purpose of Jesus in the Gospel of John"

Week 18 - 12.11.22
Sunday: John 18:1-14
Weekly Study: John 18:15-19:16
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What does the prominence of Peter’s denial say about ourselves?

Jesus declares that his kingdom is not of this world, why should we not fight to keep his kingdom alive?

How does God giving authority to Pilate help us navigate difficult authorities in our lives?

Do you think Pilate believed in Jesus?


Week 19 - 12.18.22
Sunday: John 19:17-42
Weekly Study: John 20:1-18
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What are the implications that Jesus body was actually gone?

Could someone have just stolen Jesus’ body?

Why didn’t they realize that Jesus needed to rise from the dead yet? Hadn’t he made it clear?

Why would Jesus have appeared to women first? Does this mean something special?


Week 20 - 12.23.22
Sunday: John 20:19-21:25