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"The Book of Psalms"

Week 1 - 1.8.23 - Psalms of Praise
Sunday: Psalm 8
Weekly Study: Psalm 65
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What Type of Vows Should We Be Performing? To Who Else Would We Vow?

David Provides Three Reasons Why Praise is Due to God in Verses 2-4, What Are They?

What Does He Mean by Atone for Our Transgressions?

What Does a Godly Satisfaction Look/Feel Like?

What Awesome Deeds of God Have You Witnessed?

Do We See the World Around Us as Evidences of God’s Awesomeness?

Do We See God’s Hand in These Seemingly Trivial Occurrences in Nature…Why Not?

Are We More in Awe of the Creations of Man Than We Are of God’s Creations?

Why is This Considered a Psalm of Praise?


Week 2 - 1.15.23 - Psalms of Lament
Sunday: Psalm 42
Weekly Study: Psalm 77
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In What Attitude Should We Cry Aloud to God? Is This Anger, Desperation, etc.?

What Does He Mean by His Soul Refuses to Be Comforted?

What Does it Mean that Despite The Circumstances He Persists in Meditation and Prayer?

What is the Solution to His Lament?

What Things Do You, Or Could You, Remember That Would Encourage You in These Nights?

Verse 19 – He Leads Us With Unseen Footprints – What Does This Mean/Imply?

Does Pondering God’s Power Dry Your Tears in the Dark Nights of the Soul?         


Week 3 - 1.22.23 - Psalms of Hope
Sunday: Psalm 34
Weekly Study: Psalm 62
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God Alone – What Other Substitutes Might We Hope In?

Verse 5 – What Does it Mean to Say That Our Hope is ‘From’ God?

God is Our Rock – What Does This Mean Practically in Our Lives?

Why Does Pouring Out Our Hearts Before Him (Verse 8) Give Us Hope?

Low Estate and High Estate – Are We All Hoping in Riches?

How is God’s Power Connected with Our Hope in Him?



Week 4 - 1.29.23 - Psalms of Refuge
Sunday: Psalm 63
Weekly Study: Psalm 31
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Why Does God’s Righteousness Require Deliverance of the Faithful?

For His Name’s Sake He Should Save Us – Why?

Verse 5 – What Does He Mean By Redeemed? How Does This Define Our Relationship with God?

Verse 7 – God Has Seen All of Us and Yet Has Preserved Us – What Does This Mean?

Have You Experienced Whispering and Scheming Against You? How Does God Help With This?

“You Are My God” – This Isn’t Just Belief, What Else is David Saying in This?

Verse 19 – Fear and Refuge – Don’t Those Sound Like Opposite Feelings – How With God?

Verse 22 – David Thought He Was Outside of God’s Sight – Did He Lack Faith?



Week 5 - 2.5.23 - Psalms of Faith
Sunday: Psalm 46
Weekly Study: Psalm 16
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Verse 5 – What Does He Mean by You Hold My Lot?

What Does it Look Like to Be Counselled by God or to Have Our Hearts Instruct Us?

Do We Set the Lord Always Before Us? How Would We Do This Practically?

Verse 9 – Why Does Faith Allow Us to Dwell Secure?

Verse 10 – Where is This Quoted in the New Testament?

Verse 10 – Did David Think That He Would Not Die (Or Go to Sheol?)

Positionally – At God’s Right Hand Are Pleasures Forevermore – Do We Believe That?



Week 6 - 2.12.23 - Psalms of Salvation
Sunday: Psalm 84
Weekly Study: Psalm 27
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Verse 2 – Does Your Salvation Give You Fearlessness and Confidence?

Is This the One Thing You Seek As Well – To Dwell With God? Why Not? What Else Do We Seek?

What Will it Be Like to Gaze on God? Why Is This Desirable?

Sacrifices with Joy – This is Serving With Pleasure – Is This Slavery or Freedom?

Do We All Have to Sing and Make Melody to the Lord? What Does This Look Like? Why Are We Hesitant to Sing?

In the Midst of Forsakenness, We Know God Will Take Us In – Have You Experienced This?



Week 7 - 2.19.23 - Psalms of Waiting
Sunday: Psalm 130
Weekly Study: Psalm 33
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What Do We Give Thanks to God For?

The Idea of Loud Shouts and Making Melody to the Lord Seems Different to Us – Should It?

Why Does God Speaking Existence Create Awe For Us? Should It Create More Awe?

Why Would God Frustrate the Plans of the Peoples? What Is the Implication to This?

Verse 12 – Does This Mean Our Nation Properly Should be a Christian Nation?

Verse 13-19 – Where Do We Expect Deliverance From Our Situations to Come From?

What Does David Mean by God is Our Help and Our Shield? In What Ways is God Our Shield?

Why is Waiting on the Lord More About God’s Sovereignty Than Simply His Power?