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"Letter to the Romans"

Romans Series (10)_web

 Week 1 - 2.26.23 - Separated by Sin: Introduction
Sunday: Romans 1:1-1:17
Weekly Study: Separated by Sin: Without Excuse (Romans 1:18-23)
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What attributes of God are revealed in creation of man and nature?

How is this truth suppressed?

What is the definition of righteousness and where does it originate?

How does one understand and see the glory of God?

How is a person corrupted?

For the next week what new way can you honor and express gratitude to God?


Week 2 - 3.5.23 - Separated by Sin: God Gave Them Up
Sunday: Romans 1:24-32
Weekly Study: Separated by Sin: God's Judgement (Romans 2:1-11)
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Being a God of love why does He judge people?

When a person judges another person, who did wrong, why is this a sin?

How does God account for both good and evil deeds when judging a person?

What tribulation and distress will the soul of the judged experience?

When will you judged by God for your deeds?


Week 3 - 3.12.23 - Separated by Sin: The Weakness of the Law
Sunday: Romans 2:12-16
Weekly Study: Separated by Sin: Weak Hearts (Romans 2:17-3:8)
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What sidetracks religious people away from God?

What events or practices do we rely on for merit with God and people?

What are the benefits of being a Jew?

Obedience to the Law required physical circumcision. What basis is there for making true

circumcision a matter of the heart?

Discuss this concept. “ Sin is not an issue for me because I am under God’s grace. My sin prompted

God’s grace so then the more I sin; the more God’s grace will increase..


Week 4 - 3.19.23 - Separated by Sin: Under Sin
Sunday: Romans 3:9-20
Weekly Study: Review Romans 1:1-3:20
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What have you discovered about the person and actions of God?

What have you discovered about your relationship with God?

What do you agree or disagree with?

So far what has impacted you the most from Romans?


Romans Series (18)_web

Week 5 - 3.26.23 - Rescued From Sin: Righteousness Through Faith
Sunday: Romans 3:21-31
Weekly Study: Rescued From Sin: Abraham's Faith (Romans 4:1-25)
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Why is Abraham important to us today?

How are we connected to Abraham? (4:11)

Define Abraham’s faith from verses 20 and 21.

Why does God justify people based on faith rather than righteous deeds?

How is the faith described in vrs 24 and 25 different from Abraham’s faith? How is it the same?


Week 6 - 4.2.23 - Rescued From Sin: Justification
Sunday: Romans 5:1-11
Weekly Study: Rescued From Sin: Free Gift of Grace (Romans 5:12-21)
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What changed when the law was given through Moses?

How does the Law set the stage for a Messiah?

How can one man’s death be able to justify and forgive the sins of all mankind?

What does this passage reveal about the nature of man? The person of God?

Share when you personally experienced this justification and life.


Week 7 - 4.9.23 - Rescued From Sin: Living Under Grace
Sunday: Romans 6:1-14
Weekly Study: Rescued From Sin: Freed From Sin (Romans 6:15-19)
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What does it mean “to present yourself/ your members”?

Once free from the slavery of sin; why then be a slave again to righteousness?

What does obedience from the heart look like?

Why is this obedience key to abiding in Christ?


Week 8 - 4.16.23 - Rescued From Sin: Eternal Life
Sunday: Romans 6:20-23
Weekly Study: Review Romans 3:21-6:23
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What have you discovered that has changed your understanding and thinking?

What do you struggle with from this passage?

As you rely of the Holy Spirit what are you trusting God for in your life?



Week 9 - 4.23.23 - Adopted by God: United
Sunday: Romans 7:1-6
Weekly Study: Adopted by God: Deceptiveness of the Law (Romans 7:7-14)
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What commands from God existed before the Mosaic Law?

With no Law how does God judge peoples’ hearts and actions?

How can something good cause death?

Why does it matter that through the commandment “sin might become sinful beyond measure”?

Like the phrase ‘oil and water don’t mix’; what separates us from the Law? (vrs 14)


Week 10 - 4.30.23 - Adopted by God: Indwelling Sin
Sunday: Romans 7:15-23
Weekly Study: Adopted by God: Walk According to the Spirit (Romans 7:24-8:4)
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What are the three laws from this passage?

How does God address our disobedience to the Law of God?

How does God address our judgement under the Law of Sin and Death?

How does God provide for living in the Law of the Spirit?

Why do we have to be in Christ Jesus to not be condemned?

What is your response to “there is now no condemnation for you”?


Week 11 - 5.7.23 - Adopted by God: Power of the Holy Spirit
Sunday: Romans 8:5-11
Weekly Study: Adopted by God: Adoption (Romans 8:12-17)
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What indicates you are being “led by the Spirit of God”?

What confidence do you have you are a child of God?

What work or action do you need to accomplish to receive the Holy Spirit?

What changes for you when you become God’s child and a legitimate heir in Christ?


Week 12 - 5.14.23 - Adopted by God: Hope of Glory
Sunday: Romans 8:18-25
Weekly Study: Adopted by God: God is For Us (Romans 8:26-31)
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When did God begin His work in your life?

When will God complete His work in your life?

Though still in a fallen world how has God provided for us to abide and grow in Christ?

What would cause the Holy Spirit to leave a person?


Week 13 - 5.21.23 - Adopted by God: More Than Conquerors
Sunday: Romans 8:32-39)
Weekly Study: Review Romans 7 and 8
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What has changed in your understanding of God’s love and power?

What have you discovered about yourself?

What have you discovered about other people?

How do you define personal success?



Week 14 - 5.28.23 - God's Sovereignty: Heritage of Faith
Sunday: Romans 9:1-5
Weekly Study: Review Sermon on Romans 9:1-5
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Week 15 - 6.4.23 - God's Sovereignty: Children of Promise
Sunday: Romans 9:6-9
Weekly Study: Review Sermon on Romans 9:6-9
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Week 16 - 6.11.23 - God's Sovereignty: Election
Sunday: Romans 9:10-21
Weekly Study: Read and Discuss Romans 9-11
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Week 17 - 6.18.23 - God's Sovereignty: God's Sovereign Plan
Sunday: Romans 9:22-29
Weekly Study: Review Sermon on Romans 9:22-29
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Week 18 - 6.25.23 - God's Sovereignty: The Trap of Works Righteousness
Sunday: Romans 9:30-10:4
Weekly Study: God's Sovereignty: Righteousness by Faith (Romans 10:5-13)
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Who was saved under Law?

Who is save by righteousness based in faith?

In verses 9 and 10 what must a person do to be saved by God?

What does it mean to confess Jesus as Lord?

What is the significance of believing in your heart compared to just believing?


Week 19 - 7.2.23 - God's Sovereignty: Preach It
Sunday: Romans 10:14-17
Weekly Study: God's Sovereignty: Responsibility and Evangelism (Romans 10:18-21)
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What is the responsibility of God to people who have never heard abought God or Jesus?

What is the responsibility of obedient Jews that have not heard about Jesus the Messiah?

How has God communicated to all people?

Who does God want you to communicate the gospel to?

How will they listen to you?


Week 20 - 7.9.23 - God's Sovereignty: Remnant Chosen by Grace
Sunday: Romans 11:1-6
Weekly Study: God's Sovereignty: Jealous for Salvation (Romans 11:7-16)
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Why are not all Jew’s saved?

Being either Jews or Gentiles what is our response to Jews that do not believe in Christ?

What does this reveal about God’s character and motivation?

How would you communicate the gospel to a Jewish person?


Week 21 - 7.16.23 - God's Sovereignty: Heavenly Grafting
Sunday: Romans 11:17-24
Weekly Study: Review Sermon Romans 11:17-24
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Week 22 - 7.23.23 - God's Sovereignty: Mercy on Us All
Sunday: Romans 11:25-32
Weekly Study: God's Sovereignty: Humble Response (Romans 11:33-36)
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What are the questions about God and His ways that have not been answered for you?

When has God asked advice from a person?

How does a person’s service and sacrifice obligate God?

What can you always count on about God?

Where does true worship of God originate?