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When you are looking for a church it would be so helpful to know who the people are and what’s important to them so you can decide which churches to visit based on how they line up with who you are. This page will hopefully be just that for you! Our goal is to explain who we are and what we’re passionate about before you even walk through the door. This website was designed with you in mind and we hope all of your questions are answered. If we left anything out, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Also, we hold TCConnects - a time to get to know our church more. You are welcome to join us anytime. Go checkout the website for more details!

Honestly, we don't know exactly what it's going to look like since we just started at our new location. are some basics about what you can expect...

Step 1: Driving in

The driveway to our building is a bit hidden, but you'll see some green flags waving on the side of the road.  You'll also see a monument sign with our name at the bottom - turn before the sign. As you pull into the parking lot, our church is to the right. Feel free to park wherever you like in this parking lot, but we do keep the front row open for guests if you'd like to park up front!

Step 2: Walking Up

From the guest parking spots, you'll see a single door, just to the right of our logo on the window. The door will be open and you'll probably see one of our Pastors or someone from the hospitality team standing there ready to welcome you and show you around. If you'd like to be able to recognize our leadership at the church, you can click here to view pics and bios.

Step 3: Entering the Building  

As you walk in, the main area will be to your right - walk around the wall and find yourself a seat. If you have kiddos, the kids check-in area is to your left. One of our hospitality team members will get your kids checked in. Each family will receive a check-in tag that identifies parents and kids. Security in CrossingKids is EXTREMELY important to us, so please keep this tag as you'll use it to pick up your kids. Also, feel free to bring your kiddos into the service with you.

Step 4: Finding Our Kid’s Ministry

K-5th graders always worship along with the adults, so go ahead and bring them with you.  As you walk into the main area, you'll pass a door to your left...that is where you will pick up your K-5th graders at the end of the gathering. If you have Babies-PreK, walk directly down the hallway in front of you and at the end of the hallway is the entrance to the Babies-PreK area. One of our team members will introduce themselves and show you where your kiddo will be hanging out during the gathering.

Step 5: Crossing Kids Are Dismissed

After the first couple of songs, you'll see a slide that will pop up that will say "Crossing Kids are Dismissed." When that happens, the kids can get up and walk toward the entrance where they will see a CrossingKids volunteer waiting for them to take them to their room.  You'll recognize them by their shirt and nametag. 

Step 6: Kids Pickup

Once the gathering is over, you can proceed toward the entrance doors and you'll see the K-5th Pickup door to your right.  Go ahead and wait by the door and we'll check out each child to their parents or sibling (if they have the security tag). If you are picking up your Baby-PreK, go ahead and walk back down the hallway to the same place you dropped them off! Also look at their take home card which will let you know everything they learned and help you discuss those truths throughout your week!  


We also want you to know that we take your, and your family's, safety seriously. Below you'll find a list of policies that we hold to at TCC that help us do just that. We are always trying to improve and make sure we are creating a safe environment to worship our God - so if you ever think we need to change, add, or delete anything, please let us know!

Child Protection Policy

Our Pastor, Jonathan and his wife Melissa love having new folks over to their house to share a meal with them and his family. Email him at and say we'd love to take you up on your dinner invite!

If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at

If you'd like to pre-register your kids, you can do that here and we will have everything ready for you when you arrive!