We are now Gathering again at Fruit Cove Middle School at 10:30am. In an effort to respect the needs of at-risk populations, we will continue to Zoom and stream live on YouTube. We encourage each individual/family to make the best risk-based decision specific to your situation and we will continue to offer as many options as possible all for the glory of God!

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Game Time (pt 2): Inside-Out Values

August 17, 2014 Pastor: Series: Game Time

Topic: Messages Passage: John 12:27–12:36

Life tells us that who we are is determined by what we do. But Jesus said who you are determined what you do. We don’t live from the outside-in, but from the inside-out. That means that paying attention to the inside, core values of life is incredibly important. Core values determine all of life’s actions. This message looks at The Crossing’s seven core values that determine what we do. This message also leads you in discovering your core values.

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